Product Strategy for DIAB Sweden

  • Brief

    DIAB is a swedish company that manufacturers composite materials, that get used in aerospace, marine, subsea, transport, wind and construction industries. Where COG Strategy became relevant was that we’re actions sports experts, and have 100 years experience in surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding between our team. DIAB engaged COG Strategy to develop a strategy to take one of their most exclusive and dynamic products to the action sports market. Primarily, it was to take the Divinycell suite of composite materials and develop surfboards, high performance shortboards to be specific.

    The brief included product development, go to market strategy, product category strategy and brand strategy.

  • Solution

    To reach a final product there was a series of workshops and research required which needed to take place in Laholm Sweden, DIAB head quarters. The project required comprehensive understanding of factory process, materials construction and handling, laboratory testing and product technical specifications. And then extensive market research and sector data to ensure there was a feasible product and a viable market for this new product application.

    A series of product prototypes was seeded into the core market over a series of months in both northern and southern hemispheres to ensure all environmental and social elements were considered, the product testing and new product development phase lasted 12 months. The research delivered a set of key data which determined the feasibility of the new product and its likely success in the market. What the research uncovered in combination with the pro types was that without a superior high performance short board, the market would not accept the product at equal or similar price points, unless the product was at least 25% better in performance and aesthetic to the current upper end of high performance shortboards at retail.

    A fundamental part of the strategy was to ensure the market category position of Divinycell remained as a premium in any market. Product development and testing delivered results that had the best prototypes not meeting the advanced performance of retail surfboards, and thus the new product would not be in high performance shortboards.

  • Result

    COG Strategy explored numerous avenues for DIAB to use its composite materials Divinycell in many other applications that didn’t require such stringent high performance and unique characteristics. The brief was still delivered against in the form of new products such as Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP), longboard surfboards, jet ski sleds, recreational water craft, longboard skateboards, surf skis and paddles.